Before you read on, please note that our funds for protecting badger setts are running low so we have opened a Gofundme page at


There are already donate buttons on other pages of this website, and you can donate direct to our bank without fees deducted, at

(HSBC) Acc. No. 91379763           Sort code 40-41-08

We have also publicised our campaign on YouTube at,


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzUjgZtn9fc (or search for South Yorkshire Badger Group)

 This will help people understand what badgers are going through and how we help them.

We will place reminders on our facebook page as well, so nobody escapes! Why not donate by all three methods? I'm sure the badgers will be very grateful!!!

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Welcome to South Yorkshire Badger Group.

We are a registered charity (No. 1039884) and affilliated to Badger Trust.

We are dedicated to the welfare, conservation, study, monitoring and public awareness of badgers.

We liaise with police, RSPCA, wildlife organisations, councils, planners and individuals with regard to badger issues. We can offer advice to members of the public on badger related matters.

We provide physical protection for vulnerable badger setts and fight against badger baiting.

We campaign against the badger cull and stand against snaring of any animal. You can take part in our ongoing campaigns via the petitions linked from the 'New Stuff' section.

Badger Helpline for South Yorkshire 07722590184

What does the Vetinary Association really think when not being told what to think? See Graham's observations in New Stuff.

Public interest found to be in favour of disclosure of secret badger cull policy documents See New Stuff

NFU Versus Anti-Cull. Debates conclude 87% against Cull. See New Stuff.

Other snippets.

Lessons learned from Cull Trials. How Big is the TB Problem? Farmers can Move Cattle without Testing. EU Debate. Wildlife CrimeBadgers Not Guilty. See New Stuff.

Royal Agricultural University Beagle Hunters Attack Hunt Sabateurs. Badger Trust immediately cancel their AGM scheduled at the college.

Badger Trust Report - Demonisation of badgers leads to persecution. See New Stuff.

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm95d-gZkD0&feature=youtu.be. Hilarious!

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 We suffer the exagerated claims about shoot numbers and "anecdotal" stories of miraculous reductions of TB in the cull zones. But from first hand experience I can state that many badgers have escaped death thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Badger Army, patrolling the fields night after night.

Test case puts the onus of proof on the prosecution if a supposed trespasser is investigating a possible crime.

Note well if you check for blocked setts etc. See New Stuff.


Graham's Star letter in response to BASC.

A recent Star letter from the ironically named British Association for Shooting and Conservation praises the quality of game meat but omits to mention that it is full of lead shot.

We are told that BASC members spend 3.9 million days per year on conservation work. Let us take a closer look at what this conservation work involves.

They breed or import millions of pheasants, an alien species to the UK, and rear them in captivity like battery chickens, artificially fed, until the time comes to let them go. By this time the birds are too tame to avoid danger or take cover, hence the millions that are killed on the roads.

They erect Larsen traps in which they use wild birds such as crows, rooks etc. as bait to attract others of the species, which they label as vermin and wring their necks in case they conflict with the aims of the shooters.

They set Fen traps on the moors, designed to break the spines of stoats and weasels which they fear could reduce the artificially high number of grouse available for their rich members to blast out of the sky by the dozen.

They shoot our beloved white hare, which they blame for passing disease onto grouse, whereas the diseases escalate due to artificially maintained overpopulation.

They illegally shoot protected rare, treasured birds of prey such as hen harriers, peregrines, buzzards, in fact anything with a hooked beak. If they can’t shoot them, sometimes they lay poisoned carrion around the countryside. (Proven fact, but see next week’s letters for the predictably irate denial.)

They quite legally set snares in which animals suffer greatly by strangling themselves before they are killed. Foxes are the supposed target but it is a fact that ‘non target species’ are caught in greater numbers. These can include hares, deer, dogs, farm animals, cats and even people.

They build access roads and drain moorland or set fire to heather according to their whim, destroying the moorland’s natural ability to protect us from global warming and flooding.

And by some freak of the system, many rich shooting estate owners are subsidised by we taxpayers, for “looking after the countryside” on our behalf. Well thanks for that.

May I suggest that BASC shorten their name a little? British Association for Shooting and CON would do nicely.



ing last year's badger culls, the West Dorset cull company applied for an extension, we don't know why. They then exceeded the maximum target by a wide margin. Natural England obligingly moved the target upwards. In Cornwall the opposite happened. The target was missed by a mile so NE reduced the target. Abracadabra, the culls were a complete success! You couldn't make it up.

Killing the right number of badgers is supposed to be of critical importance, according to the government. Falling short of target, risks increasing the spread of TB in cattle. Exceeding it risks local extinction which would not only be unethical and unacceptable to a large proportion of the population, it would infringe the terms of international conventions to which the UK is committed.

It's clear that nobody, not the government, not 'Natural England', not the farmers, not even badger protection campaigners who have surveyed huge areas of private land and know where the badgers are, have any accurate idea how many badgers there are. They don't exactly line up to be counted. The culls are a farce with no grounding in reality. A sensible government would accept reality and abandon them in favour of measures which might actually work for cattle farmers and taxpayers alike.


Special Appeal

We are running low on funds to support our badger sett protections which defeat badger baiters. We have opened a gofundme page at

 https://www.gofundme.com/badger-sett-protection-work. Also a YouTube video appeal at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzUjgZtn9fc

Or just search for South Yorkshire Badger Group.
Posts will also feature on South Yorkshire Badger Group facebook.

If that is not enough, there are donate buttons on various pages of this website and you can donate straight to our bank at 

(HSBC) Acc. No. 91379763  Sort code 40-41-08 (This method is free of deductions)

If you like, feel free to donate by all of these methods. The badgers will love you to bits!!!

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