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About Our Group

In the Beginning

In 1985, a group of like-minded individuals got together with the intention of pooling their knowledge, talents and resources in order to try and somehow protect the badgers of South Yorkshire that were, and had been for many years, under threat from horrendous persecution. These individuals came from all walks of life. Some were conservationists, some policemen, some working for local councils and others, perhaps the majority, were just ordinary people who cared passionately for wildlife and who believed that if man was the badger's sole predator, then man must try to redress the balance.

By January 1986 a constitution had been drawn up, a committee of elected officers voted in, area representatives for Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield appointed, and a code of conduct agreed. All relevant authorities such as the police and R.S.P.C.A. were informed of the existence of the group and a drive to recruit members was initiated.

The work of South Yorkshire Badger Group then began in earnest. 

Our Work

Our Costs

A typical natural sett protection can cost in excess of £2000. An artificial sett construction costs in excess of £2,500. Alongside this we have the cost of communication, transporting materials, maintaining the rescue pens, running the helpline, postage, room hire, fuel etc. All this is funded from annual membership subscriptions and the generosity of the public. 

South Yorkshire Badger group is affiliated to the national association, 'Badger Trust.'

South Yorkshire Badger Group is a registered charity, number No. 1039884 

During the years since forming, our group has protected over 200 natural badgers setts and constructed over 70 artificial setts.

Alongside this we provide a shelter where sick, injured or orphaned badgers are rehabilitated before being released.

We try to keep our members informed of what is going on in South Yorkshire  and in the UK as a whole. We also attend community events and provide educational talks to adult groups and schoolchildren.

Please note we have not got a badger hide and we do not invite members of the public to go badger watching. (and our correct title is South Yorkshire Badger Group, not Badger Watch!)

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All members of SYBG are volunteers and give up their time and effort freely on sett protections, investigations, rescues, public education, campaigning and fundraising.

Donations to SYBG will help to:

  • Feed rescued badgers
  • Pay vet fees
  • Pay for sett protections
  • Build artificial setts
  • Print the newsletter
  • Help with running costs

Please help SYBG!

(Please note, we do not offer opportunities to the general public for badger watching or photography. A couple of useful contacts have been added to the 'Useful Links' page.)

Donations can be made by cheque, paid to  

"S Y Badger Group"

and passed to a committee member or forwarded to our treasurer Diane.

Or paid direct to :

The Co-operative Bank
Sort code 08 92 99
Account number 67269169
Account name S Y Badger Group